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The Last Song of Penelope thumbnail
The Last Song of Penelope eAudiobook
Claire North / Catrin Walker-Booth

Many years ago Odysseus sailed to war and never returned. For 20 years his wife Penelope and the wom..

A Change of Heart at the Vintage Dress Shop thumbnail
A Change of Heart at the Vintage Dress Shop eAudiobook
Annie Darling / Laura Kirman

Cressida Collins is the queen of makeovers. With a well-placed stitch button or seam she can transfo..

Fifty Minutes thumbnail
Fifty Minutes eAudiobook
Carla Jenkins / Amber Gadd

Twenty-year-old Dani is desperate to overcome her demons leave her dead-end job and return to her ha..

The Mapmaker's Wife thumbnail
The Mapmaker's Wife eAudiobook
Hannah Evans / Jane Ajia

1954. Bea Bell has lived in Grenada her whole life. . . until she meets handsome surveyor Patrick An..

House for All Seasons thumbnail
House for All Seasons eAudiobook
Jenn J. McLeod / Lisa Armytage

Bequeathed a century-old house four estranged friends return to their hometown Calingarry Crossing w..

The Glass House thumbnail
The Glass House eAudiobook
Anne Buist; Graeme Simsion / Edwina Wren

Trainee psychiatrist Doctor Hannah Wright a country girl with a chaotic history thought she had seen..

Garden of Her Heart thumbnail
Garden of Her Heart eAudiobook
Zoë Richards / Julie Maisey

One loner two secrets and three weeks at Pinewoods Retreat. . . When Holly Bush (yes she still hasn'..

Way Back thumbnail
Way Back eAudiobook
Sara Cox / Sara Cox

Josie's life is absolutely completely fine. Nice husband brilliant best friend a gorgeous kid at uni..

The Golden Gals' French Adventure thumbnail
The Golden Gals' French Adventure eAudiobook
Judy Leigh / Phyllida Nash

Sixty-nine-year-old Fliss has lived a life! A career running her own successful business a beautiful..

A Body by the Henhouse thumbnail
A Body by the Henhouse eAudiobook
Kate Wells / Helen Keeley

The time for celebrations is over. . . Jude Gray's farm is going from strength to strength and even ..

It's Now or Never thumbnail
It's Now or Never eAudiobook
Jill Steeples / Karen Cass

'For Jen Faraday - Not to be opened in any circumstances for one year!' When smooth-talking Alex Fel..

For Once In My Life thumbnail
For Once In My Life eAudiobook
Sian O'Gorman / Caroline Lennon

In the bustling world of Dublin's advertising scene Kitty O'Sullivan a copywriter feels an unexplain..

It Had to Be You thumbnail
It Had to Be You eAudiobook
Beth Moran / Rosalind Steele

Growing up sisters Libby and Nicky never knew who they'd find at breakfast. Their parents fostered c..

The Workhouse Girl thumbnail
The Workhouse Girl eAudiobook
Lynette Rees / Deryn Edwards

Once a workhouse girl always a workhouse girl. . . Enid Hardcastle has always had a hard life but wh..

The Riviera House Swap thumbnail
The Riviera House Swap eAudiobook
Gillian Harvey / Lucy Scott

Nina has always played it safe. But when her divorce papers come through on her fortieth birthday sh..